'Firefly' Producer: A Limited Series Reboot Could be Great

There’s not a TV show cancellation in the whole ‘verse that causes more online howling than Fox’s Firefly. So for Entertainment Weekly‘s package on TV shows that deserve a second life in this week’s issue (buy), we just had to explore the idea of rebooting the sci-fi cult favorite that was axed after just half a season aired in 2002. To be clear: There’s no revival currently planned and there are many obstacles to this happening (perhaps first and foremost is that star Nathan Fillion is exclusive to Fox’s rival network ABC for his role on Castle, which is currently in its most-watched season). And last year, the show’s ultra-busy creator Joss Whedon told EW he preferred to focus on building new worlds rather than revisiting old ones. So to get a fresh take, we went to the show’s former writer-producer Tim Minear, who is under contract with Firefly rights owner 20th Century Fox TV.

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alycakes2130d ago

I for one would be in TV heaven. That is the one show that I miss the most. My all time group of characters that fit like a well oiled machine or a fine puzzle. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen the 14 episode series or the movie Serenity but my husband won't watch it with me because he says my lips move to all the words and it annoys him.