Has The Villian For Godzilla Been Revealed? Also Some Concept Art That Feature this Villain


On the Set of the Upcoming film, three snapshots were taken that shows a viscous creature....The Biollante! Hit the jump to see what might be the kaiju that Godzilla will fight as he destroys Streets and cities!

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darklordzor2121d ago

These look like photos from the set of the original Biollante movie. Seriously, this doesn't look like anything from the new film.

ironfist922121d ago

It looks like its being shot on set, and the concept of Godzilla looks different to the design theyre going for in the film

Deku-Johnny2121d ago

Isn't the villain from Godzilla technically Godzilla?

Slade232121d ago

Godzilla is usually an anti-hero in many movies

Deku-Johnny2120d ago

Well yeah in the Godzilla Vs. films but as a remake of the original it makes more sense for it to be humans Vs. Godzilla and then maybe if they make sequels have him go toe to toe with other Kaiju.

gigoran2121d ago

HA. Looks like they got duped and deleted the story.

Agent_hitman2121d ago

Godzilla is the Villain unless they include Ultraman

aDDicteD2121d ago

i think that godzilla will be the only monster in the new film, they would spend most of the film introducing him in fashion, as much as i like godzilla going up against another monster, i cannot see it happening, but if it does then i would be happy of course.

Nitrowolf22120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

He's not, there are two other ones if you followed the leaks that been happenning. Both of these are new Kaiju,

aDDicteD2120d ago

that is great news, more reasons to watch it in the theaters.