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Metal Arcade: Jason Bakker writes:

Back in 2011, DC Comics re-launched its comics line with The New 52, allowing the creators a clean slate with which to work from. DC’s artists and writers worked together to create a new vision of their heroes, with updated origin stories and a fresh design. Justice League: War taps into The New 52′s re-envisioned universe to create a remarkable origin tale, where the heroes are first learning about each other’s existence. They’re definitely not all buddies at first, but with the threat of the powerful Darkseid and his relentless army looming on the horizon, the team of Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Shazam, Superman, Green Lantern, and Cyborg needs to quickly learn how to work together.

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aDDicteD2125d ago

this animated film is really good on bluray, before watching it i did not have enough expectations but i ended up being really entertained on the premise. what makes it good to watch in bluray is that the fact that its action packed from halfway to the finish and the colors and details are really good enough to make a big difference if you just got in dvd. the only complain i have for this film is that they violently destroyed darkseid in a mortal kombat like fashion.