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Judith's Fate Revealed In The Walking Dead International Promo


During the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, viewers were shocked when Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Carl (Chandler Riggs) came across baby Judith's bloodied baby carrier. What happened to her? A new international promo has the answer.

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-Foxtrot2804d ago

Such a cop out....unless they kill Carl off by keeping Judith alive. Rick does need someone to cling to and to stay alive for.

alycakes2803d ago

I really thought the girls had saved her somehow.

Soldierone2803d ago


It would have been a cool way to branch into a spin off series (if they didn't already decide to go into the past, but instead into the future) Have another group come in, save the baby, then she grows up to become some badass main character to lead the series.

In terms of this though, was honestly hoping it was done. There is no need for the baby, it adds nothing to the story at all.

Lord_Sloth2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

She died in the comics. I say leave her dead in the show. It wasn't really a question. She's tiny and doesn't have any bones. If an adult woman can be entirely devoured than surely a baby would be easy to scarf down.

The baby adds nothing to the show imo.

aDDicteD2802d ago

i think she was taken by someone, i wont be surprised if she did die but the TV series oftenly depicts it differently in some ways, the baby might have survived but would later be killed off anyway because she did die in the comics and death in the comics also almost re assures death in the TV show eventually regardless how they prolong the character, i have not finished the comics but only a few characters are untouchable and most will die anyway at some point like carol, tyrese the little girls etc.