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New Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art Released


The new issue of Total FIlm magazine offers a great new concept art image for James Gunn's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy!. Hit the jump to another variation of Groot, Drax, and Rocket Racoon!

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Crazay3785d ago

Ya sorry about that - By the time I saw it was removed, it was live and I wasn't able to do anything about it.

ironfist923785d ago

Nothin unexpected. Although is Vin Diesel really playing the Tree thing?

cell9893785d ago

yes he is and I for one approve it his deep voice suits Groot

ironfist923785d ago

I read he's only saying one line, which seems dissapointing.

SilentNegotiator3784d ago

Vin having one line seems ideal if you ask me.

cell9893784d ago

Mmm that doesn't make a lot of sense, unless he is secretly voicing someone else, say.. Thanos? I mean all those rumors and all kinds of hype even from him so that he only has one line? Nah there's more than that

StarWarsFan3785d ago

I wonder if the finished product will look too much like a mash-up of too many different things that just don't go along together organically. You can already imagine so many characters are going to require CGI, so I wonder how limited the live-action element might be.

deadleaf983785d ago

Was supposed to be a trailer for GotG released today...hopefully tomorrow then.

RetrospectRealm3785d ago

Nobody ever said it would be released today. News is Feb 18.

RetrospectRealm3785d ago

This photo is actually for a comic I believe. I think it might be fan art if not for a comic. That's why CBM removed the article. This photo along with other's like it have been out for months.


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