Batman & Wonder Woman Suits From 'Batman vs Superman' To Be Revealed Any Day Now?

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The rumors circulating Batman vs Superman is almost as annoying as the ones circulating Star Wars: Episode VII. Now apparently the first image from Batman vs Superman may be just days away! Yeah that image that Zack Snyder has on his person since late last year may finally be revealed. This information is coming from our friend Mark Hughes of Not just Batman's (Ben Affleck) suit but also Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman!

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Soldierone2123d ago

I wonder if they will make WW more "modern" or if they will keep her normal outfit? I remember people were rather mad about the last idea because she had pants instead of shorts or whatever.

ironfist922123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Guessing they might go with the New 52 designs. Although I never understand why people are mad when Wonder Woman wears pants. Shouldnt the costume be somewhat of a uniform, and functional for fighting.

Can you imagine women in the army wearing no pants?

Soldierone2123d ago

Yeah it makes sense to me, especially with her back story about how Amazon's basically fight for women to be superior and men are bad. So you would think they'd dress in a more "respectful" way anyways.

ironfist922123d ago

The whole argument is stupid and based on the fact that the original design she dressed like a whore. If she originally wore a silly hat, and people were upset she doesnt wear it in a film, theyd feel the exact same way.