Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore interview on Non-Stop @GamerFitnation

GamerFitnation - Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore answered some burning questions from Antwand Pearman of GamerFitNation in a press conference for their upcoming movie Non-Stop, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. Non-Stop is about U.S. federal air marshal Bill Marks (Neeson), who starts receiving threatening text messages on an international flight. The terrorist claims a passenger will be killed every 20 minutes until $150 million is transferred into a bank account that turns out to be in Marks’s name.

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StarWarsFan2178d ago

I think the trailer for this movie looks awesome.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32177d ago

I want to say Juliane Moore is the villain but that sounds too simple. Maybe Liam Neeson is a figment of her imagination like he's one of her evil multiple personalities? It looks like one of those types of movies you want to watch whether it's good or bad just so you can figure out the twist.

alycakes2177d ago

I think the villain is the girl with the short dark hair in the trailer.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32177d ago

hmm...interesting. I didn't know Lupita N'yongo was in this. I am always skeptical of whatever actors get the top billing. It would be a total shock if they made the villain just some random extra, but they never do this in the movies.