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Batman vs. Superman – Why This Movie is Set to Fail

Game Druid:

Batman vs. Superman is on track it seems to launch 6th May 2016. While the studios have us believe its going to be the most epic of battles, we think it’s going to be far less than that. Let us look at things that make us believe that this movie will absolutely and positively suck and leave us disappointed.

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TheHergulaX2813d ago

I don't agree that it is set to fail, I just believe that it isn't really look that promising... so far.

gamedruid2813d ago

Well, no one wants it to fail either, but with so many moving parts and an ambitious story line, it's not looking good.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32813d ago

The internet really needs to calm down already. We know very little about this movie aside from a few casting choices. These articles are 90% speculation. Personally I thought Man of Steel was a great movie, the best popcorn flick of last summer. Iron Man 3 on the other hand was completely awful.

W34KN35S2812d ago

I totally agree with you man , iron man 3 shouldve been called tony stark 3 , he barely used the iron man suit , i was expecting him to go all out in this last one, Man of steel had way more action.

Crazay2812d ago

agreed - I also think that these "Articles" are more damaging then they should be. The people who write this have already made up their mind and will likely never change it even if it blows people away.

gamedruid2813d ago

Man of steel was a half way decent 'pop corn' flick. So was crocodile Dundee 3.

mikegeezy692812d ago

MOS was a good movie for the 21st century re-envisioning of supes period.

gigoran2812d ago

If by re-envisioning you mean dragging his story through the mud and destroying what was developed in the comics and original movies... then yeah... re-envisioning.

Blacktric2812d ago

The ever obnoxious "MAN OF STEEL WAS AMAZING!" fanbase shows its head again. Jesus christ...

darren_poolies2812d ago


Oh so people can't have differing opinions now?

Crazay2812d ago

I quite enjoyed the movie myself. I've seen it 4 or 5 times now.

maniacmayhem2812d ago

I love the obnoxious elite posters that are hip cool to hate a popular movie.

MoS was a good movie.

It's Superman people, not some period piece that explores the human nature and teaches us the power of love. It's about an alien that can lift cars and shoot lasers out of his eyes.

SilentNegotiator2811d ago

"It's Superman people, not some period piece that explores the human nature and teaches us the power of love. It's about an alien that can lift cars and shoot lasers out of his eyes"

If you think Superman is that shallow of a character, you must have never touched a halfway decent Superman comic or even watched the Richard Donner film. The lifeless characters in MoS aren't a representation of Superman.

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maniacmayhem2812d ago

"First of all let’s not forget what an epic failure Man of Steel was."

What? Hell no, the movie was great. What are some of these people expecting from a movie based on a comic book? Hamlet?

It did everything it set out to do in a comic book, summer action movie, it established it's character(s), great actions scenes, and great special effects. It's friggin Superman, all anyone wanted from a new Superman was him and villains tossing each other around like Superman II.

I love how some elite critics have to compare Nolan's Batman movies to Superman. They shouldn't and the only disappointing criticism I have about Man of Steel was Zack Snyder trying to set Superman in some sort of realism world as Nolan did with Batman.

W34KN35S2812d ago

agreed Nolan kinda killed batman for me , he bound batman to too much realism , we all know there is a lot of fantasy in the batman universe, imo the only reason the other nolan movies made money was because the villains were some of Batman's normal villains instead of super villians. He did a good job of making it more serious but he killed it with too much realism, No one wants to see batman old and crippled, bane is supposed to have venom that increases his strength , and if that mask is on to prevent horrible pain then how does he eat, you have to eat alot to get that much muscle lol idk im waiting for a better Batman that fuses fantasy and realism like its supposed to be.

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