First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Gets Classified


It seems we're inclined to get the first official trailer for Marvel's first non-sequel since Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, this month and maybe this week.

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blackwyvere2372d ago

Wondering if this movie will actually be worth the hype... The trailer can go a long way in confirming that :)


Crazay2371d ago

It's hard to tell at this point isn't it. We've hardly seen any real promotional material, no real trailer to be heard of (especially during the Superbowl)and this is supposed to be a big summer blockbuster?

Rubberlegs2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

There was the leaked comic con teaser trailer which looked pretty good for how little footage there was at the time. Yeah its being billed as a summer blockbuster but they still got plenty of time to hype this up.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32371d ago

It's my most anticipated superhero movie of the year but the fact that they are releasing it in August isn't exactly a strong vote of confidence.

cell9892371d ago

I believe its going to be a huge sleeper hit

Crazay2370d ago

Oh I think it's going to make a surprising amount of money.

Ninte2371d ago

It is an unknown comic to me and to most people and if it fails, Marvel still has the success of the other movies and soon to be release Captain America and the next Avengers movie so I'm excited to where Marvel takes their Cinematic Universe.

Crazay2370d ago

Its totally unknown to me as well. I have no idea who these characters are but I am looking forward to seeing the movie. Its just a little odd that we really haven't seen much official material.

MasterD9192371d ago

Well, it's sort of like Star Trek meets Marvel...why not?

Plus...Zoe Saldana.

StarWarsFan2371d ago

I am skeptical as to how good this movie is going to be.