The TVF Walking Dead Review: Father Knows Best

The Walking Dead can suffer from some ups and downs.

There are times where moments can be awesome and others that are just plain frustrating, but the series’ ability to suck you right into its zombie-infested stories makes it downright addictive. And the ratings can certainly attest to that fact.

Coming off the heels of the prison’s destruction and the death of the Governor (we finally get to see that he was indeed shot and killed) on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8, I was excited for the possibility of shaking things up, starting fresh and perhaps giving the characters a chance to move towards something beyond basic survival.

The survivors have scattered in different directions, as The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 put its focus on Rick, Carl and Michonne when they struggled to deal with their emotional drama, losing a shoe and finding that living in this dreary world is ultimately better together.

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alycakes2131d ago

This comeback episode was awesome and tense. I just knew that Carl was going to get bitten for sure. Great to see it back and I was so glad that Michonne found them. I guess it's going to take time for the ones that do find each other to come together.

-Foxtrot2130d ago

Please for the love of god kill Carl at the end of this season

ajax172130d ago

I'm kinda with you. He's been really annoying lately!

-Foxtrot2130d ago

The only time he isn't annoying is when he's not on screen.

He's a child actor who they thought could play young Carl but didn't take into account what would happen as he got older.

Obviously now we see he's a crap actor so I don't see why they don't get rid of him.

It's like Angus T. Jones in Two and a Half Men, as a young child actor they got him for the role as he fit into with the concept around the show, obviously it became a hit and they didn't take into account what would happen as he got older...he's also a crap actor.