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WASDuk Review: Raze

WASDuk's Chris Patton writes:
"Hot! Hot! Hot! That should be very obvious to anybody watching a film with Zoe Bell as a center piece. Where exactly Raze is going with its opening is of primary importance, for Bell’s Sabrina is a regular cock-hunter who is out for a good time. You know the story, her daughter is used to it and sleeps alone, wondering who the turn-style men are that frequent her mom’s ride. However, is this going a “Jodie Foster” route towards how one can’t rape the willing or how the dregs of society all have more rights than the cream at the top? Thank Ares that director Josh C. Weller understands the important facets of societal wars. He doesn’t dabble in philosophical jargon or waste time trying to make our circles fit into a neat little square peg of hope and success."

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CursedHero2619d ago

This one is worth it, as Zoe Bell is a genuine bad a$$, who understand the dark side of what it means to be a woman stereo-typed.