Eric Gable's Batman Evolution Fan Film is Here


Actor and real-life ninja Eric Gable offers Brent Sprecher and CBM the North American exclusive first look at 'Batman' in action in his long-awaited fan film Batman Evolution!

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Crazay2127d ago

Sure is a lot of work put into this. Well done guys.

SirBillyBones2127d ago

That was shit in every conceivable way. Cringe factor 100.

Batnut002127d ago

You see that Christopher Nolan? A small-time director with a small budget was able to craft a better action-oriented Batman than you. Seriously, is it really so difficult to make Batman an awesome hand-to-hand combatant.

Satish132127d ago

It was going great until dubstep...

DerekFlint0072126d ago

For the amount of people involved in making this, it was pretty sh!t. Poor lighting, camera work (framing of shots) - poorly directed, scripted, choreographed, executed and woeful music.

My score - 1 star out of 5.

The reason for my harsh score is that -- if you look at the final credits -- you will see that a lot of people (for a low budget so called fan film) put this together.

-- It had two decent novel moments that i won't mention so as not to post a spoiler, but that's about it.