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The Walking Dead: Which Group Has the Best Chance?


Walking Dead spoilers up through the Season 4 midseason finale "Too Far Gone"...

AMC's The Walking Dead returns this coming Sunday, February 9th, with the second half of Season 4, so we thought it'd be a great time to look back at the midseason finale and sift through the fallout.

With the prison now all shot up, partly blown to bits, and overrun with walkers, the survivors have now scattered out into the wilderness, much like they did back when Hershel's farm got overtaken. Rick and Carl, now both traumatically deranged, have scurried off to mourn the loss of baby Judith while the rest of the gang has separated into splinter groups. Michonne's on her own again, Glenn seemingly escaped on a bus filled with no-name Woodburians, Daryl and Beth exited the screen together while Maggie, Tyreese, Sasha, and Carol's crazy girls left in a panic.

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ajax172817d ago

"First off, if Daryl ever dies there will be full-blown rioting on the streets". Yeah, that sounds about right. I would defintely want to be in his or Michonne's group. Rick's history of instability is too risky.

Crazay2817d ago

I actually think that Darryl is going to die PURELY based on that reasoning alone.

ajax172817d ago

I hope not. They probably won't. It'd probably hurt their ratings.

aDDicteD2812d ago

i will go with michonne because she is a beast. as seen in the last episode she knows everything she has to know to survive and and when she snaps she takes down like 15 zombies in close range combat.