Superhero Paul Bettany Signs up for the Marvel Party: Will Star as The Vision in New Avengers Movie

Daily Mail

British actor Paul Bettany has joined the elite super-heroes the Avengers and is in training to bring a comic book warrior out of the cold and onto the big screen.
Bettany will play the Vision, an old-timer in the world of illustrated heroes, in the second Marvel Avengers movie, Age Of Ultron.

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Crazay2177d ago

THis is something of a pretty big deal if it holds to be true.

-Foxtrot2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

So I'm guessing Ultron won't be Jarvis then....unless Jarvis splits and creates a copy. If The Vision is bad but then turns good like in the comics then I could see Stark and co getting the good Jarvis back while Ultron would be the corrupted version.