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Jurassic World Vs Star Wars: Episode VII: Who Has More To Lose?

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking if if the Jurassic Park or Star wars franchises have more on the line when their latest offerings are released in 2015.

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alycakes2131d ago

I think both will be big hits but depending on what the final $$ was on making the films and how much is made worldwide at the end after all is factored in....that's what will matter to the big film makers.

Garethvk2131d ago

Very true. I just see Disney as being the bigger risk. They had to pay alot to get the franchise, they have many projects hinging upon it being a hit and so on. Univseral can say well the 12+ year gap hurt it, audience was not what it was an move on if it fails.

Crazay2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Star wars does - if you don't make a movie that pleases the diehards and the people who look at the original as the holy trilogy, then you crush the franchise and turn what was once an amazing product into a happened with the new trilogy, they have to get it right with the upcoming trilogy.

Jurassic Park/World can always make new movies.