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TVF Arrow Review: The Canary Is Free

They were throwing curve balls at us on Arrow Season 2 Episode 13 - but we were rewarded handsomely for playing duck and cover.

Once again, I'm amazed at how deftly they're able to keep so many balls in the air without dropping them. The stories flowed so well and no questions were left untouched at the end of the hour. That doesn't mean they were all answered, but nothing was forgotten.

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alycakes2810d ago

This was a very interesting episode with several issues to deal with.

I understand Lauren being upset and unforgiving when she finds out Sarah is alive since she doesn't know any details, not that that's going to matter.

Felicity telling Oliver the secret about who the true father of his sister is was the right thing to do...but now this is going to cause more friction and how he handles it around his sister is very important.

Oliver is great in some ways but very stupid when it comes to women....big, and I do mean big mistake taking up with Sarah again.