The Walking Dead Season 4 Return and Finale Predictions

Best Horror Movies says "The one thing AMC, Robert Kirkman and the entire crew involved in the live action rendition of The Walking Dead do on a consistent basis is shock fans. We never know exactly what to expect from this group, and that’s a major part of what makes this creation so special. The Walking Dead is as much a mystery as it is a drama or horror piece."

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vitorizzo2136d ago

way too early for negan. they still didnt find the safe zone.

Best-Horror-Movies2136d ago

I agree I don't think we will se Negan yet.

KingPin2136d ago

more action less emotions. thats what we need. as for carl being a bad-ass they trying to make him become, its failing. kill him off please. if they created the best character (Daryl Dixon) for the show, sure they can go against the source material and kill of one annoying character.

UnwanteDreamz2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

I hope by best character you mean the show only. I think Carl's fine. I hate when people who obviously aren't fans of the comix want to ruin this show so it fits their tastes.

I hope they keep the emotions or this will be pointless to watch. Go watch RE Apocalypse

goldwyncq2135d ago

Daryl is terribly overrated.

bub162135d ago


hes ok but people make him out to be so amazing, kind of annoying

Spiewie 2136d ago

Soon they will have quarter season breaks....

bub162135d ago

if you want to know what happens read the comics. I did. big mistake lol