Fantastic Four Director Josh Trank Weighs In On The Female Doctor Doom Dilemma


Unless you’re a goldfish, you probably remember Tuesday morning’s report that actors and actresses have either completed screen tests or would soon finish screen tests for the roles of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, and Ben Grimm for Fox‘s Fantastic Four reboot. The Hollywood Reporter claimed casting would soon be finalized for those roles but Michael B. Jordan was pretty much a lock for Johnny Storm. Tucked away in there was also the news that Fox and director Josh Trank have decided that Doctor Doom would be the villain for the film, though they weren’t quite sure yet whether Doom would be male of female. Regardless of whether they went with Victor or Victoria Doom (as some have dubbed the character since the news), they are looking for star power to balance out the relatively fresh faced Fantastic Four choices. Tonight the director has weighed in on the Doom dilemma, and he’s not too pleased.

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Garethvk2136d ago

To me this is already an abomination. Johnny is a white character. Dr Doom is a male. I wonder how happy the P.C. police would be if in the spirit of the best actor for the part we decided that Spawn, Power Man, The Black Panther, and Blade needed to be played by Asian, Hispanic, or Caucasian actors. Fair is fair right?

Crazay2135d ago

I agree with you Gareth - Sometimes, It's fine to fart around ethnicity but not in the case. I've not yet heard anything I like about this movie.

MasterD9192136d ago

Wow...this is what happens when the wrong studios get control of franchises they know nothing about.

A female Doctor Doom? Sue and Johnny are brother and sister..I don't even know where to begin. This sounds like an abomination. And frankly, with 2 prior FF movies...I'm not sure this is even necessary. We've seen all they have to offer, Doom and Surfer. It's been done before.

It's almost as if they've decided to just ignore everything about the comic book but the title itself.

ironfist922136d ago

Why do they get incompetent people to cast actors for comic book characters recently?

Is it so hard to get someone who looks and acts like the fucking character, without the need to radical changes or re-invention?

If you want diversity then add diverse CHARACTERS, not actors.

Garethvk2135d ago

Marvel had hoped the rights might lapse back to them but FOX was willing to do this mess rather than lose them. Remember the awful one that was done and never legally released in the 80s just to maintain the rights?

Anthotis2135d ago

Jeez, at least Superman/Batman got the gender and race of characters correct, despite the laughable casting choices.

Crazay2135d ago

the casting really isn't that "laughable dude. I don't see your utter disdain for so much. Do you even like movies? I don't think you;ve said anything positive in your time here.

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