Gary Oldman In Star Wars: Episode VII? "They've Called"


Could we see the legendary Gary Oldman become part of yet another big sci-fi/fantasy franchise? The Robocop actor doesn't go into too much detail, but does admit that there's been some talks.

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Crazay2137d ago

I don;t think I have ever heard him speak normally before. He's a very soft spoken man.

Anthotis2136d ago

He would be a great talent to have on board. A powerful Sith he will become.

Crazay2136d ago

You think they'd make him Sith?I can see him as a General or politician of some sort

Anthotis2136d ago

With his acting ability and stage presence, I could see him play an inspiring political figure, also.

He's versatile enough to be either.

Crazay2136d ago

I can agree with that

MasterD9192136d ago

I'm leaning towards him playing a villain. It sounds like they've done a lot of casting for the heroes already as-is. He has done plenty of those enemy roles and is pretty damn good at it.

He'll probably play some sort of Palpatine-like enemy.