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The Rock Hints That He’ll Play The Green Lantern?

Yahoo!: After plenty of speculation it looks as though Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson may have already teased his appearance as the Green Lantern.
The 41-year-old wrestler-turned-actor has been rumoured for a part in the upcoming 'Batman vs. Superman' for some time - most speculating that he could be up for the role of the Green Lantern (aka John Stewart). And while that's quickly become a fan-favourite, it seems the man himself may have already teased an appearance as DC's Green Lantern some months ago.

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RetrospectRealm2812d ago

Didn't want to put a Green Lantern movie tag or a Justice League or a Batman/Superman tag cause we don't know what movie he'd be in if he is in talks for the role, so I just put DC Comics.

MasterD9192810d ago

He's a great fit...certainly works well and I like the John Stewart version of GL more than Hal Jordan anyhow.

aDDicteD2804d ago

i would prefer the hal jordan version of green lantern, i do not like the ryan reynolds film because it was too cheesy, reynolds could have been a good cast but the script was garbage. if they are doing the john stewart version i would pick denzel washington but i have no problems if the rock would eventually get the role, he is a good entertaining actor and has the physique.