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Seth Gordon To Helm Sony’s ‘Uncharted’


Sony Pictures Entertainment is negotiating with Seth Gordon to direct Uncharted, the live-action adaptation of the top-selling PlayStation vidgame series Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. This brings the Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief helmer back to his origins, where he helmed the celebrated documentary The King Of Kong and immersed himself in video game culture.

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Crazay2812d ago


Here's hoping he actually GETS the source material.

ajax172812d ago

I hope it doesn't turn into an "Identity Thief" situation, i.e. a shitty movie.

-Foxtrot2811d ago


Please just stay in development hell, the games are perfect.

Like every other crappy video game adaptation they'll change the story which is nothing like the games, get actors who are horrible for their parts and in the end they just won't respect the source material

If they really want this to succeed I don't know why Sony didn't just get Amy Henning who wrote Drakes Fortune, get her to condense the script and take out the gameplay parts and take a risk with hiring Nolan North, Emily Rose and Richard Mcgonagle for the main roles with big stars for promotional material as the villains.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32811d ago

I think most game to film adaptations don't work because they have no business being films in the first place - Super Mario Bros? Halo? Double Dragon? Studios want to capitalize on a games popularity, they aren't concerned with whether or not there is an interesting story to tell.

In the case of Uncharted, there actually is a good story to be had. It's like a modern version of Indiana jones, a fun filled action adventure romp. The storytelling has always been one of the strongest aspects of the games. I do think it is key that they involve the excellent writing staff over at Naughty Dog though, if they want to do the game justice that is. No doubt they are probably shooting for the film release to coincide with Uncharted 4.

ironfist922811d ago

Ill believe it when I see it. THis movies gone through a number of directors who just gave up.