The Governor Returning To The Walking Dead


The second-half of Season 4 of The Walking Dead premiers this Sunday, and now it's being said we haven't see the last of the Governor.

In their "buzz" report, TV Guide has it that we haven't seen the last of the character.

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-Foxtrot2622d ago

That would be so silly

"Carl will lose something very important to him"

Is it his body....will he be eaten by walkers at the end of the season. Hopefully since the older he gets the more he drags the show down with his fake "tough guy" attitude.

I'd rather Rick loose him now then him getting better only for him become depressed again.

It would be great if Judith was alive and Carl dies...the one person in his life who might not even be his real daughter, that would be a struggle and he would be torn over it.

Problem is they keep killing off good characters but keeping most of the crappy ones alive.

Crazay2621d ago

I think we'll see him a few times. Most notably as hallucinations or dreams

aDDicteD2622d ago

the governor will return in a flashback or hallucinations for sure. and as for carl loosing something this season is a very interesting thought,, I can only recall a few things that happened to him in the comics and I'm guessing that this one will be fresh and new.

Crazay2621d ago

Didn't he seek out an image of his family in one episode? That would be my guess

alycakes2621d ago

Maybe the Governor will be a Walker. We didn't see if the girl that shot him, shot him in the head or not.

Crazay2620d ago

I think I'd be surprised if they shoed him off as a walker

MasterD9192620d ago

Clearly, no-one here has read the comic book. Carl gets injured and loses his BLANK.