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TVF Almost Human Review: Where The Soul Is

After a three-week break, Almost Human made a strong return tonight to finish out its first season.

As only the second episode so far to air where it was originally intended, the sense of urgency felt throughout this installment was immediate and continued through its final moments.

In what may have been the show's best episode yet, Dorian met his creator and we began to see more of this futuristic society in which John Kennex and company live. Almost Human Season 1 Episode 9 featured an XRN, a machine Dr. Nigel Vaughn created after the DRNs were decommissioned and his robotics license was revoked.

This synthetic is unlike any other, and the fact that Dr. Vaughn wants to create an army of them makes for an interesting setup for the remaining four episodes.

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alycakes2812d ago

Gina Carono is okay if she doesn't talk and does action tv or parts in movies but she can't act at all. I hope she's taking acting lessons.