Man of Steel: The Forgotten Victims of Superman Versus Zod

Illuminerd: Zach Snyder’s “Man of Steel” struck a cord with fanboys everywhere. There was a moment in that film, however, that I feel went completely overlooked. During the climactic battle between Zod and Kal-El we are presented with a very interesting scene. Before you continue reading, I urge you to Youtube the final battle and Zod's death. Seriously. Do it.

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aDDicteD2131d ago

i do not have any problem with superman killing zod or showing the destruction of metropolis...there were some shots superman was trying to save people but realistically a kind of battle like that really would have a lot of casualties. i also do not think the family towards the end of the fight were sliced by the laser beams.

Ninte2131d ago

I had a problem at the start but then I realised Superman has adapted Earth as his home planet, living amongst people and hidden away for so long. That day came for him to show the world he is not a threat to the people of Earth and to break Zod neck shows he needed to protect his adapted planet.

KingPin2130d ago

this author is deluded. the family getting cut in half is where superman gains his “never kill” stance. lol no, the feeling of guilt after killing zod is where he gains the never kill stance. this will be a constant reminder to superman of what not to do. learning from his mistakes and growing from it.

MasterD9192130d ago

It wasn't an option, Superman was forced to kill Zod. It was that or let an innocent die. After doing so, he took his stance on the never killing.

But looking at Zod's character, he's actually not the worst enemy or threat to Earth & Superman. Superman has some big foes in his line-up.