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‘The Flash’ Set To Shoot In Vancouver In March

Global News: The Flash is coming to Vancouver.

The pilot for a potential series based on the character with superhuman speed is set to be shot in Vancouver in March.

Grant Gustin, best known as the Warbler who tried to break up Chris Colfer’s Kurt and Darren Criss’ Blaine on Glee, plays the titular character and his alter ego Barry Allen.

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Anthotis2687d ago

Aside from them casting an actress of the wrong race to play Iris West, i'm really looking forward to this.

Nocando2686d ago

Didn't you know? There is no "wrong race" any longer. I hear they are casting Bradley Cooper as Blade in the next sequel. Now, see how absurd that seems now people?

SilentNegotiator2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

It's lazy in-house CW casting...what're ya gonna do? It's just another CW show that will probably make yet another DC icon boring and hammy.

The only casting that CW cares about is of the men; only men that look good without a shirt will do.

SageShinigami2686d ago

*sigh* Nothing about Iris' character dictates that she has to be white. For that matter, neither does Flash but who cares?

This complaining--was it a thing when they made Sin into an older white girl with a punk-style look rather than a girl trained in martial arts?