Top 10 Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials


You know Super Bowl XLVIII was a boring one-sided affair when you catch yourself wishing you were watching the Scientology commercial a second time. Yes, no blackout this year, just a blowout. In fact... yes... I think...yeah, the Seahawks just scored again.

But all that just left more time to pay attention to the bevy of $4 million-a-pop Super Bowl commercials!

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Crazay2138d ago

I haven't even had the chance to see them yet but I hear Budweiser made the best one that seemed to get the most talk.

ajax172138d ago

I still say Radioshack made the best one. The rest were kinda lame.

gaffyh2137d ago

That one took me back to my childhood a bit.

Soldierone2137d ago

It also sucks. Radioshack used to be my go to place if I needed a random cord, speaker wire, computer parts, etc....

Now its basically just a cell phone store....

SilentNegotiator2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Ironically, the Radioshack commercial just reminded everyone how much Radioshack sucks these days. Absolutely no one is fooled by their claim that they've improved the place; it's an overpricing mini-version of half-decent electronics stores.

ajax172137d ago

I know! That store is a joke. I'm surprised they still exist.

Thefreeman0122137d ago

sooooo coca cola is top 10 but stephen colbert is not? list invalid

Thefreeman0122137d ago

you know what i think of when I see the bad lip reading commercials. Adults laughing and clapping like stupid children... "derrrr mcdawnalds commercial funny derrrr"

Soldierone2137d ago

Honestly thought the commercials were rather lame in general. A few funny ones, but overall was tuning out mid game and wasn't laughing much. Only commercial I really went to go look up and watch again was the Doritos time machine.

Thinking about it though. 4 million a pop, imagine what some indie film makers could do with that....

StarWarsFan2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

I thought Kia could have done an even better job playing off The Matrix. I still enjoyed it, but I think they could've sold the premise better.

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