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Dark Corners: Dead Silence

Pixel Gate writes:

''Dark Corners is a fortnightly feature focused purely on horror. From the classics to remakes, and even the lesser known flicks, they’ll all feature. This week sees one of James Wan’s earlier films that paved the way for his success with the likes of Insidious and The Conjuring.

Dead Silence is one of those tricky horror films that clearly shows a director trying to find their style. A few years before James Wan would become a mainstream success with the likes of Insidious and The Conjuring under his belt, he came to the attention of many through his work with the Saw films. Saw had it’s own definitive style both in terms of look and tone. Though naturally, when Wan moved onto new projects, he tried to avoid using the same style and tricks in his past work. Thus his 2007 film Dead Silence came to be.''

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