Transformers: Age Of Extinction Super Bowl Trailer: Five Best Moments

During Super Bowl XLVIII, fans got there first real look at Transformers: Age of Extinction, the upcoming fourth film (and soft reboot of sorts) in the Transformers film franchise. There were some very cool moments that managed to get some of even the most jaded fans excited, and we’re highlighting them all right here.

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CursedHero2135d ago

Grimlock, Swoop and the rest of the Dinobots were the first and only line that the Autobots needed when the Decepticons invaded their Earth base in the 1986 animated film. Prowl got blown to bits by Starscream, who was using Megatron in his pistol form, while Devastator was crushing the rest of the Autobots into the scrap-metal they were meant to be. Suddenly, the Dinobots were unleashed and they took out Devastator and demanded to stay behind to kill off the rest of the Decepticons. It was their "Spock" moment, where fans realized Kirk and Optimus weren't all that. Prime and Hot-Rod, who would transform into Rodimus Prime to lead the Transformers into eye-rolling oblivion, were no match for Grimlock and his cohorts. Grimlock and Spock versus Kirk and Optimus is a no-brainer! Optimus and Kirk would be dinner. Unfortunately, Grimlock not smart like... me- SOMETHING?!