Liam Neeson: No Kidnapping In Taken 3

One of the main criticisms with Taken 2, aside from being PG-13, was the almost cynical retread of the premise of the first movie. Unsurprisingly a lot also thought that Neeson wouldn't return to the series. Well it was recently mentioned that he is returning, something which Neeson confirmed last night on UK television...

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Defectiv3_Detectiv32132d ago

Neeson might not return to the series? He is the series!

And I kind of like the idea that somebody keeps getting kidnapped, they should just make it a running gag, like maybe in Taken 3 they could kidnap the family dog or something. Whatever gives Liam an excuse to go on a killing spree. We know they are all bad men though because they are wearing track suits.

aDDicteD2125d ago

the kidnapping is not the problem in taken 2, it was the whole plot. a lot of people said that taken 2 is just being redundant to all taken 1 was but i have to disagree because the first film has more plot in it while doing something really refreshing compared to other kidnapping films lately. taken 2 did nothing new and the plot was a lot thinner, the fights were alot more messier even the ending parts was a mess.

taken franchise would likely follow the footsteps of the hangover trilogy wherein the first was good the second tried to imitate everything and failed miserably, made a third which is a lot different but still coming up short of expectations.