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Batman vs. Superman: What Do We Think of Jesse Eisenberg Being Cast as Lex Luthor?

IGN's editors weigh in on the Social Network star's casting as Superman's archenemy and of Jeremy Irons as Batman's butler Alfred.

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Anthotis2379d ago

I think his inclusion in this Batman/Superman comedy will raise the chuckles to over 9000.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32378d ago

I think Lex Luthor's most important defining characteristic is the fact that he is an evil mastermind, not necessarily his age of physical appearance. While it might not be a version of the character that we are used to, I could easily see Eisenberg slipping into this role. Part of what makes Luthor's relationship with Superman unique is the fact that Luthor is just a mere man who has to use his incredible intellect to outwit Superman. It would be a bigger sin for the filmmakers not to acknowledge this.

Simon_Brezhnev2378d ago

I wouldnt call pure evil he just hates superman like me LOL. He just refused to let an alien protect his planet i mean you cant blame him.

m2stech2378d ago

Nice, now lets just cast Michael Cera as Doomsday too.