8 Great Directors and Their Worst Horror Failures

Best Horror Movies says "Every individual you’ve ever met has had an off day. That’s life. Sometimes you wake up and find a new, mint, c-note on the ground. Sometimes you step in a big pile of dog shit, and the odor just refuses to retreat, following you after a change of kicks and a cologne dousing. "

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Best-Horror-Movies2132d ago

As with any profession you going to make some bad decisions.

ironfist922132d ago

And boy is Zack Snyder making a big one...

aDDicteD2129d ago

at some point any director makes mistakes by picking the wrong project, even more noteworthy directors such as spielberg, cameron, ang lee etc. made bad calls. and besides horror films in general is really hard to pull off, its not an easy task and its risky. look how many good horror films are out there compared to the negative reviewed ones, like every year there would be 4 good horror films and at least a dozen or more bad ones.