Resident Evil 6 Update: No Release Date. No Script. But Director Paul W.S. Anderson Wants to Make it


About a year ago, a rumor hit that Resident Evil 6 would be released on September 12, 2014. However, with it now being February, and no information on filming, casting, or anything Resident Evil 6-related since that release date story, I figured the project was either filming under the greatest veil of secrecy ever or the release date was incorrect. As you can probably guess, it’s the latter.

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-Foxtrot2140d ago

Why...they suck and are up there as some of the worst video game films ever.

I think what really ticks me off about this guy is in an interview once he was going on about how he "broke the bad video game adaptation curse" and how he's done justice to the fans.....I mean how arogant is that. He actually thinks his films are good.

He keeps going on about he's a fan of the games and he's played them but his movies seem like he's saw a trailer or a few clips and slapped them together.

....he made Wesker a good guy in his films, that says it all really. Not to mention his wife saving the day in every film and saving every video games characters life all the time, they are supposed to be the stars not her.

DarkBlood2140d ago

well thats just weird, well last i heard the next one was suppose to be the last given the ending anyways.

hope they get the ball rolling on that