TVF Bones Review: See Past the Static

There was a nice, positive message to Bones Season 9 Episode 15 as well as plug for a good charitable organization. That's not too shabby for a show about murder and kidnapping.

I have a real problem with the consistent trash talk about FBI salaries. My sister was an agent, and it's been years since she left the force. She assures me that at his level and tenure, Booth is making over $100k. The struggle between the two because of the amount she makes from her writing and how they decide to spend it makes for a lovely story, but we have to put a stop to the "low paid agent" misnomer.

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alycakes2141d ago

I was very tired but still got a chance to watch and did enjoy the episode as I usually do. The last few days have been very long so a couple of hours of good tv watching is always relaxing.