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Bryan Singer Wishes He Had Rebooted Superman; Wanted 'Darkseid' For Superman Returns Sequel

CBM: X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer reveals what he would do differently if he could go back and remake Superman Returns, going on to reveal that 'Darkseid' would have been the main villain in a "pretty world-destroying" sequel. Hit the jump for details!

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KingPin2815d ago

bryan singer was useless at making superman. maybe he shouldve just made superman as he is. reboot or not, everyone knows who the hell superman is. and he couldve left out his whole jesus analogy from the movie. that wouldve helped a whole lot too. and why make a superman movie appeal to females? last i checked, girls like superman for his character and muscles, not coz he has the feelz every 5 mins.

he should never go near a superman movie ever again. as far as his xmen movies go. they are all absolutely junk. just been to IMDB, any movie this guy makes is crap. how does he still work in hollywood.

GamersHeaven2814d ago

Brian singer sounds butthurt he knows he should have done reboot to begin with instead he copy pasted Donners work.Now hes using excuses bu bu but we where originally going to do a reboot.Singer just has to face the cold hard fact Superman Returns was nothing but a copy pasted uninspired Donner film.