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Why Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is Going to Suck

It’s official. Batman Vs. Superman is now completely doomed, if it wasn’t already when they casted Ben Affleck as Batman. Continuing the streak of questionable casting choices, Jesse Eisenberg has quite surprisingly been cast as the Man of Steel’s most notorious rival, Lex Luthor and we think this may be the reason Batman vs. Superman will be doomed. Imagine a villainous Bruce Wayne, except completely bald

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-Foxtrot2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

Course its going to suck, all you have to do is read up about Lex and imagine the man as he is...then think about Jessie Eisenberg playing him after and you'll know it's going to suck. This is the worst casting by far.

It gets worse and worse in my opinion

First Ben, then Gal and now Jesse, who is next Jonah Hill as Darkseid or Seth Rogen as Night Wing.

The problem with Jessie is that despite being the same age as Henry they look years apart. Henry looks older then what he is while Jessie is the opposite. While Henry could pull off looking like he's in his mid 30s Jessie looks like a 20 year old at times. Then you have his nerdiness, his voice which isn't very "menacing", his looks aren't threatening and to be honest him going bald would look hilarious....go on picture it.

So yeah it's not just one thing, it's everything. At least with Ben Affleck there are so things you can pull in his favour but for this there isn't any. It's like making Michael Cera just wouldn't.

Jessie just can't play a hard, psychopathic, power seeking, villain if he could we would of seen it by now but like certain actors in the industry he can only play one or two roles.

Seriously after the other casting you don't find this wrong when there's so many better actors out there then your just lying to really are. I really hope this bombs now, only because I want Warner Bros to learn there lesson, they should of just stuck with a Man of Steel sequel and build up slowly to the Justice League film.

Jeremy Irons is actually the best casting so far with the new actors.

blackwyvere2081d ago

When they had cast Kevin Spacey as Lex in the Superman Returns movie, everyone was overjoyed.... After watching the movie, it was all such a tragedy :(
Hope the opposite works for this one....
Yes, being an optimist :)

Nocando2081d ago

Kevin Spacey was great as Lex, and Superman Returns did not suck in my opinion.

blackmanone2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

Superman Returns was better than Man of Steel. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't perfect. Far from it, yet it was more faithful to the source material than Man of Steel.

And Kevin Spacey was awesome as Lex!

Soldierone2080d ago

Not really. the movie itself wasn't great, but I never heard anyone say anything bad about Spacey as Lex.... if anything, he single handily saved it.....

calis2080d ago

Superman Returns was good...until the whole kryptonite island thing happened.

That was just stupid.

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Porcelain_Chicken2081d ago

"who is next Jonah Hill as Darkseid or Seth Rogen as Night Wing."

Yet you got mad because I "pretended" to know who you are & what you watch LOL.

"Henry looks older then what he is while Jessie is the opposite."

For the like billionth time. Supes & Lex's age differences DO NOT MATTER. There is no strict rule for it. Unless the story calls for a 30 year old-looking (There's that word again LOOKS, LOOKS, LOOKS, LOOKS,) bald twin of Supes then i'd argue WTF!!!?! But it doesn't. Or won't.

"Jessie just can't play a hard, psychopathic, power seeking, villain if he could we would of seen it by now"

And lucky for us you would have only complained in those boards, not here. How uninspired to want to choose an actor who's typically typecast as "psycho" or bald roles. By that logic we'd have like 13 actors & 13 actresses in Hollywood. No one ever getting an opportunity.

"I really hope this bombs now"

You always have.

"and build up slowly to the Justice League film."

aaaaaaand the truth comes out. The lack of a Marvel formula... Why do people pretend like that is the only way "team-ups" have ever worked. LOL Wow.

TBH this is a piss poor article. Written by a complete amateur. It claims Affleck is bad & completely stops there. It's literally Ben Affleck is a terrible choice PERIOD. Not even offering a link to a past "reasons Affleck will bomb" article. Nothing, but i decided to keep going & stumbled on to this...

"They seem to value the role of Alfred a bit more than they should; recently casting only Oscar winners in the role."

A bit more than they should... Alfred as never EVER been unimportant in the comics. EVER. I stopped reading right there. I await a decent article with valid points as to why Eisenberg is a bad choice. Something that doesn't start with "Eisenberg played alot of teenage geeks before"

-Foxtrot2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

Seriously you comments are silly and are opinion based like everyone else and yet you yet Well Said bubbles for them.....Filmwatch is a joke.

I've seen better comments on here by other users and they get nothing

Sorry but I doubt that many people bubble you up especially when in the last article you got more people disagreeing with you.

Thats a mod doing that, not the community

listenkids2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

Wrong reply. Heh.

smashman982081d ago

I + bubbled him and minus bubbled you contrary to what you may believe you do not speak for everyone.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2081d ago

Here's the thing Foxtrot, you have an accurate, but VERY limited, picture of Lex in your head.

Lex has been written a whole number of a lot of different ways. His first appearances in the comics originally had him with a full head of hair; the "bald" schtick only happened as a result of an artist's mistake, but then they explained the baldness into official canon.

In some of his incarnations in the comics he's fat and old, in some he's just a mad scientist with no real monetary power. The Lex from the Smallville series was not so muscular at all and in fact looked and talked a lot like Jesse Eisenberg. And he's the best Lex we've gotten hands down.

The problems with body types in comics and cartoons is that they're always exaggerated. Sure, Lex has been depicted as a big strong man, but I don't think that's ever remotely central to his character. His nemesis (Superman) is the literal an incarnation of physical strength and and raw power. A Lex that tackles that with manipulation and intelligence is more important than a Lex who looks like he could beat you up.

-Foxtrot2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

I don't have a "limited" picture of Lex, people just want to see the favorite version of him on the big screen. Why waste time doing the versions nobody likes that's just a waste at the end of the day.

The fact is the Lex most people like would be perfect for this film but thanks to the crappy casting thats not going to happen

@hazelamy below

Stop with the "Bu bu but Heath Ledger went through the same thing"

No he didn't, Heath was a good actor regardless and had a range of perforances, the main reason people criticized him was because of the younger audience Batman Begins brought in and after Brokeback Mountain being his last film before Batman it put those kids know because of the guy sloppy "gay" love story in the film.

So please like other people just stop with the Heath Ledger excuse....again how you got a Well Said bubble baffles me. It's the worse excuse ever.

Heard it for Ben Affleck, heard it for Gal Gadot and now I'm hearing it again.

CursedHero2081d ago

So sad it is not Mr. Phoenix.

blackmanone2081d ago

That would've made sense, though, and we can't have that...

Anthotis2081d ago ShowReplies(2)
hazelamy2081d ago

who thought Heath Ledger would make a good joker?

i'm seeing the same reactions to this casting that happened when Heath was announced as the Joker.

and look how that turned out.

he could end up sucking, or he could be amazing.
i don't know, i'm just gonna reserve judgement until i see the end result.

maybe more people should try doing that.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2081d ago

You mean it's possible that he gave a good audition??? And that we should have some self-respect & common sense of waiting and seeing the end result instead of crying like babies? :0

I dunno that sounds a bit crazy. /S

ZombieKiller2081d ago

Yeah but past experiences don't necessarily prove the future. Just because Heath Ledger successfully played the Joker, doesn't mean every other actor not fit for the role will be astonishing.

We need not rely on that.

dennett3162081d ago

Obviously not, but it still holds true that people are whining and complaining without having seen a single frame of his performance.
Tom Cruise as Lestat in Interview With a Vampire was another casting choice that was hated - even by the author herself - and he proved people wrong.

I understand the complaints to a point, Eisenberg has been pretty samey in a lot of his roles, but so was Jim Carrey and it didn't stop him being a good dramatic actor. Ditto Tom Hanks.

Chidori2080d ago

But it does prove that some actors have a lot more to them than we may know. He must have done something good in those auditions to land the role.

You say "past experiences don't necessarily prove the future" huh?. That same logic can just as easily be applied to this very situation. We know this guy to play similar roles in all his past movies. Is that all he's capable of? We can't possibly know if that's true or not until he's given the chance to change it up. Iv'e decided to wait and see. I want this movie to be good so I'll continue to believe in it.

Vaud-Villian2080d ago

I'm sorry but Zack Snyder is not Christopher Nolan.

Spiewie 2081d ago

He does not suit to be Lex Luthor at all where did they even get this idea....

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