Jesse Eisenberg Cast As Lex Luthor & Jeremy Irons As Alfred In Man of Steel 2


All I can say is...woah, this came out of nowhere! Warner Bros. has just issued a press release naming Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Networf) as Superman's most infamous enemy, Lex Luthor. And, the excellent Jeremy Irons will be joining him as Batman's faithful butler Alfred.

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Crazay2138d ago

Well.....I can't see I saw that coming...

diogosanto2138d ago

I don't really mind Jesse, but I think is a bit young for the part, but let's see what happens.

Crazay2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

What gets me is that NEITHER guy was even mentioned in rumors. Big surprises there. I really like Jeremy Irons though

Eisengerg is a bit young but he's proven himself to be a pretty good actor. I'm still excited to see the movie but I suspect that people are going to jump all over this casting news in a very negative light.

listenkids2138d ago

He looks young, but he's the same age as Henry Cavill. I'm sure they'll work with his looks, it could be interesting.

Nitrowolf22138d ago

Oh man this guy was Awesome in Juno.

NewMonday2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

this has to be one of the worst castings in a super hero movie ever.

Lex Luthor as a .com nerd? no..just no

unless he is astutely Alexander Luthor from Eearth3 then that would be brilliant.

SilentNegotiator2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Afleck as Batman?
Eisenberg as Luthor?

Just how high are the producers of this film?

JL2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

For those saying Jesse looks too young (though some misspeak saying he is too young - he's 30), it's really not true.

Go look at pictures of Jesse and compare them to pictures of Henry. Jesse doesn't really look any younger than Henry, when Cavill is clean shaven (like he surely will be in this movie).

Let's take these two pictures as an example.
Henry Cavill:

Jesse Eisenberg:

Honestly, Eisenberg looks older in his picture than Cavill does. Though the eyes can really tell you how close they really are.

I think people just get confused by stature (which can be 'faked'). The reason Cavill looked older (or more his age) is because of the beard in the beginning of Man of Steel. Then once he shaved, they tended to accent his cheekbone and jawline to give that more chiseled "man" look. Like here:

Whereas Jesse has kinda been typecast into a "nerdy young guy" role. They dress him for that part to play that up (ie baggy clothes, slumped posture, etc). This makes him look younger and more kid-like, in the same way that wearing a suit too big for you makes you look like a kid in his dad's clothes. Emphasizing his curly hairy takes off years too. When he wears his hair more straight, he looks older. Put on some more weight and add some weight to his face and he'll look even older.

So, I don't see an issue with the way he looks. My only curiosity is whether he can pull it off. This is a bit out of Jesse's typical range and could potentially be too serious a role for him given his knack for being a wisecracking guy. But he is a good actor, and could prove to be a real breakout role of sorts if he can hold the humor back a bit a put more emphasis on the intelligent demeanor he tends to have.

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xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Love the Jeremy Irons choice. But woah!!! Jesse Eisenberg as Lex? I'm, i uh... totally unexpected. Don't get me wrong Jesse is a great actor, i mean he didn't received a Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination in the Best Actor category for nothing. An he IS Cavill's age. Even so I would have never considered him as Lex. We'll see how this pans out. Next destination, Imdb Batman Vs. Superman boards!!!

ajax172138d ago

Yeah, that's some strange casting. He really was great in "The Social Networf". I hope the casting director knows what she's doing.

diogosanto2138d ago

@Crazay Actually Jeremy Irons has been one of the most requested actors by the fans for the part of Alfred.
People always do that, due to multiple reasons, but it's better to wait and see what happens before getting all mad.

Sandmano2138d ago

hahaha this is getting really hilarious. Im starting to think they deliberately want to make this movie bad...

What a joke cast worse then ben affleck as Batman.

I have no problem with jesse but hes no lex luthor, too nerdy.

-Foxtrot2138d ago

I know, how can anyone say Jessie Eisenberg is a good choice to play LEX LUTHOR, one of Supermans most evil, tough looking villains. Eisenberg looks like he's in his early twenties half the time.


First Ben Affleck, then skinny mini Gal Gadot, now nerdy Jessie Eisenberg.

The only new actor I'm fine with is Jeremy Irons

Anthotis2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )


The only new casting they got right for this movie is Jeremy Irons.

I wonder if all this lame casting is because of Goyer..

Porcelain_Chicken2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

"one of Supermans most evil, tough looking villains."

Wtf??? Doomsday? Parasite? Metallo???? Surley they are more evil & tough looking than Lex. Lex isn't an outright "hey guys i'm evil!!" type of villain. He's a smart, charming yet cold & calculating man. He's an evil Bruce Wayne sorta speak. I mean he was the President of both Lex corp. and the United States!!! You don't get in those positions by being "tough & evil lookin". Now i'm not saying Eisenberg is the perfect choice (although a really good actor, but let's face it YOU'VE only seen him in Zombieland) but clearly you're clueless about Lex.

Now let the disagrees & no replies from U and Anthotis commence.

-Foxtrot2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )


Which is why I said..

"one of Supermans most evil, tough looking villains."


I didn't say he was the only one...did I. Jesus christ, learn to read before you go off in a rant.

"although a really good actor, but let's face it YOU'VE only seen him in Zombielan"

LOL...yeah sure I have, you know me alright. You know you have a good argument when you go to the "I'm going to try and pretend like I know you even though I don't...just to try and dumb your comment down" counter point.

Sandmano2138d ago

This guy should have been Lex...


unless this is set in a time where lex is still a nerdy teenager

Anthotis2138d ago


How does someone respond to that mess?


Timothy Olyphant would've been a good choice.

Sandmano2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

He is tough and evil looking. When I think lex I think a big tough looking bald guy. Lex is what the joker is to batman being his arch enemy. And the cast this guy. Who cares if he's as old as cavil he looks like he's 17

lol it is going to be hilarious and then there's his squeaky voice lol I might actually enjoy this movie, you know how you enjoy a really really bad movie? Like that.

Anybody saying this is a good cast is a fanboy.

maniacmayhem2138d ago

Jessie Eisenberg was a complete dick in the movie Social Network. If he can pull that off with a bald head I'll be sold on him playing Lex Luthor.

Porcelain_Chicken2137d ago

Great, ok you said "ONE of" that solves everything. Doesn't change the fact that you're thinking strictly about looks & not acting ability. Ben Affleck because he chose to be in some terrible movies like 10 years ago that even God himself couldn't save. Gal because she's thin (because she's thin... because SHE'S THIN) & Jesse because he isn't "psychotic lookin?". You honestly think that's fair? You honestly think that other actors like Hugh Jackman looked like their respective characters (Wolverine) on the spot? Hair & all?

I rather they get an actor who can ACT the part, then make him LOOK the part. As opposed to look the part only. Am i really being THAT unreasonable?

Then I go on to mention 1 movie & you go into defense mode never even addressing my original point. Granted, pretending to know you wasn't the best way to get what I was after but surprisingly it worked. Thank you.

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darklordzor2138d ago

I'm actually okay with this casting. While it's not at all what I expected, I think Eisenberg can pull it off.

AlanaFearnall2138d ago

I think people are forgetting Jesse Eisenberg has had some more serious films in the recent years.

He played in Now You See Me(which I loved, probably because I grew up with a father who was always teaching us magic and how to understand it. A lot of people complained about the 'hand holding' story telling for the FBI, but I see it more as a lot of people do not understand magic, and don't know not to look at the main event - that it is all in the distraction), The Social Network, and even guest starred on Modern Family which were all much more serious roles.
He has played some nerdy roles but he is moving away from that typecast pretty easily.

He is the same age as Henry Cavill(Superman), by the way. the one that is older is Ben Affleck. it would of been nice to see a older Lex, but I think Eisenberg will do just fine. they just need to use *gasp* makeup(I know, they never use that, right?) to change his age, as well as make Affleck look younger - which I am sure they already had planned.
Not to mention in some comic lines Lex is considered to be the same age as Superman. it all depends on what they decide to pull out of themselves to make a movie. We have learned that a lot of super hero movies have just chosen to leave accuracy in the dust and make a good film. which is fine, considering the amount of comic lines currently out there. as long as the don't make a horrible movie.

I'm more upset about Alfred, Michael Caine was PERFECT for the role. I'll give the new actor a chance before I make up my mind.

-Foxtrot2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

It's not about how serious your films are, it's the fact Jessie is not the type of play an evil, tough psycho. Some people don't just suit the role and he's one of them. He might be the same age but he looks like a 20 year old half the time and it's not something you want when he's Superman's villain. Hell Henry Cavill looks older then he is but Jessie looks younger meaning they look years apart. It's going to look hilarious Superman fighting a guy who looks like teenager

Not to mention he looks NOTHING like Lex Luthor.

AlanaFearnall2138d ago

I'll refer to my first comment where I mention the use of makeup. seriously, they can make Affleck look younger and Eisenberg look older.

Eisenberg has never been given the opportunity to play a "evil, touch psycho" as you describe Lex, so why should we even begin to judge him yet?
Not to mention Lex isn't outwardlys psychotic or tough all the time. he is very brainsy and thinks his plans through, which is neat to see in a villain - although can be tough to convey in a film.

Porcelain_Chicken2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Hugh Jackman had never played a mutant before X-men.
Christopher Reeve had never played a bulletproof alien that could defy gravity before Superman.
Heath Ledger had never played a psychotic clown before The Dark Knight.
Micheal Keaton had never played a man who dresses like a Bat & fights crime at night before Batman.
Daniel Craig had never played a suave, smooth secret agent spy before Casino Royale.
Robert Downey Jr. had never played a rich billionare drunk who shoots terrorists to death in a mechanical armor before Iron man.

Just because they HAVEN'T doesn't mean they CAN'T. Is basically what i was getting at.

"evil, tough psycho."

Also once again, Lex Luthor = Cold & calculating demeanor, not buff psychotic steroid junkie thug...

"Jessie looks younger meaning they look years apart."

Never in the history of the comics do their age differences matter. EVER. Unless there's a strict reason or rule for Lex to be in his 40's or 50's i don't mind how old or young they make him in the movie.

"Not to mention he looks NOTHING like Lex Luthor."

Hackman & Spacey looked exactly like Lex yet they were absolutely terrible. Lex would never say "How do you choose to congratulate the greatest criminal mind of our time?".... There's your problem, you're way too fixated on the actor's initial looks as opposed to their acting ability or script.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

"Not to mention he looks NOTHING like Lex Luthor YET."

Fixed! :D You're welcome.

On a side note are you really stressing the fact that this ACTOR doesn't look like an "evil, tough psycho" on the spot? Are you under the impression that he'll walk into the set with curly hair and a hoodie and play Lex as is??? <_>

He can change his appearance to suit his roles ya know? His natural look fits most geeky weak guys he's usually played BUT that isn't his only look lol. Look at Christian Bale, the guy put on alot of muscle in 1 year & he was alot thinner than Eisenberg. Jesse has 2 years to shape up. He'll be fine.

@Porcelain_Chicken above

LOL A bubble up but 7 disagrees. You definitely got to sum1 mad.

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