X-Men Producer Wants Channing Tatum To Play Gambit In A Future Film


The first attempt that 20th Century Fox made trying to bring the X-Men character Gambit into live-action movie turned out to be a major mistake. Gavin Hood's legendarily bad X-Men Origins: Wolverine featured the Ragin' Cajun played by Taylor Kitch, but the version of the character had two distinct problems: he couldn't be bothered to speak in his classic New Orleans accent, and he really had no purpose being in the story. The failure was so bad that we really haven't heard anything about the future of Gambit since... that is, until now.

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CursedHero2143d ago

Bleck! Just sayin' that i'm prejudice against Gambit. We've been there and done that... Well, same for Nightcrawler, but I want a new Nightcrawler that will BAMF! heads off. Hopefully, that'll happen in Age of Apocalypse @_@

Anthotis2143d ago

He'd be a good choice.

At least they're not casting Ben Affleck or Jesse Eisenstein to play him.


I have been waiting for gambit to get his time in the spotlight my whole life, im not a fan of channing tatum so this would be a disaster IMO

Kurylo3d2141d ago

yea but u gotta admit, he kinda looks the part.


My main thing is hes just too recognizable, id rather see someone that could sort of dissappear into the role better, it just wouldn't be believable for me lol... idk just thinking out loud.

Kurylo3d2141d ago

is patrick stewart not recognizable before he took on professor xavier? lol

Defectiv3_Detectiv32142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Channing Tatum isn't a bad actor, I don't get the hate...he would make a fine Gambit. Although my ideal Gambit would have to be Vincent Cassel, it helps that he is actually, French ya know. Aslo, that scene at the end of Oceans 11 where he breakdances through all the lasers was pure Gambit.

AHall882142d ago

Gambit isn't French. Cajuns are a bit different than French, no?
Tatum isn't the worse choice, he seems to like the character at least.

Kurylo3d2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

yea where does he get this idea that hes french from lol... hes from the southern united states.. New Orleans.

aDDicteD2137d ago

channing tatum is not a bad choice, having a gambit stand alone film is not a good choice either. i do not have personal knowledge of gambit's origins but i dont think there is enough there to make an exciting story. i dont think he even has personal villains like sabertooth is to wolverine. gambit should be showcased as a part of the x men in an x men film.