Prelude to Captain America The Winter Soldier

While all the fans wait eagerly for the Captain America sequel, Marvel is leveraging on this. Marvel has announced that they will be releasing a comic (part of their digital Infinite Comics) to serve as a prelude to the movie. The comic will also touch upon Marvel’s One-Shot shorts in this book. In the comic Cap & Black Widow are investigating on something known as the Zodiac (we had heard about this in the Agent Carter short).

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blackwyvere2912d ago

Would you be inclined to buy the comic even though you are not a regular comic reader, just to read this prelude?

kiranpk2912d ago

i know i would. I mean, i bought the disaster that was there for Man of Steel, so yeah, why not. Any additional context is good enough for me.

I'm not a big fan of cap. america comics, never liked the character all that much. They sort of made him a real wuss in the avengers movie - iron man and hulk stole the show there.

from what little we've seen, bucky is going to steal the show in cap. america 2

kiranpk2912d ago

....and before you know it...DC is going to win the Marvel vs. DC wars.