The Top 10 Horror Films of the 1990s

Best Horror Movies says "For a decade often derided by fans for a lack of high quality pics, the 1990s actually produced some serious gems. Slashers made a comeback, psychological horror thrived and we even saw an amazing remake wriggle its way onto the big screen. It wasn’t a bad decade, as evidenced by this list of the 10 best genre pieces to see release between 1990 and 1999!"

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ajax172921d ago

Scream and From Dusk Till Dawn... better than Misery...yeah, no.

Best-Horror-Movies2920d ago

The are all good movies for very different reasons, so it really ends up to what type of movie you like the best.

Best-Horror-Movies2920d ago

But to answer your question Scream would be my favorite out of those three.

Soldierone2920d ago

You are not alone in that :P

Defectiv3_Detectiv32920d ago

Good to see Ravenous getting some love, underrated movie even more underrated soundtrack.

Not sure if I agree with Dusk Til Dawn, I might replace that with something like Army of Darkness. The rest of the list is pretty solid; Pet Cemetery is a personal fave of mine that I don't see listed here though.