Justin Roiland Responds to Controversial Rick and Morty Scene

Junkie Monkeys: Rick and Morty is Adult Swim’s latest piece of animated gold and let us just say, it is NOT for the faint of heart. Rick and Morty is one of the wittiest animated shows since Frisky Dingo, but it’s shrouded in dark humor. One of the shows leads, Justin Roiland, recently addressed a disturbing scene that some viewers found too dark.

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MonChiChi2914d ago

I loved this episode hahaha. Great show.

Treezy5042914d ago

Yeah I can see where people could get offended, but Rick and Morty is one of the best animated shows since The Boondocks.

MEsoJD2913d ago

I honestly laughed my ass off at the attempted rape.

crimsonfox2913d ago

If they thought that was controversial I wonder what the sensitive people will say about the ending of "Morty potion #9"