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Blockade Entertainment Reveal Their Next Film: Sly Cooper

Junkiemonkeys: Not too long ago we interviewed Founder and CEO of Blockade Entertainment, Brad Foxhoven for one of their two upcoming films, Heavenly Sword [x]. In the interview Mr. Foxhoven teased us with some information on an unannounced third movie. The internet now has new information with the reveal of Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Entertainment‘s new feature film, Sly Cooper.

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darklordzor2910d ago

Looks meh. Not that it's bad animation or anything, but Sly Cooper already had a distinctive style to him, why change it up?

Treezy5042910d ago

It's different that's for sure, this studio is pulling out a load of Sony movies, I'm hoping for a God of War one next lol.

badz1492909d ago

I watched the trailer and my reaction was...WTF? this is not even a live-action movie for god sake, why the hell do they have to change their appearances so much?? and Sly himself is screwed up the worst!

they stick to the original character design for the R&C movie in the trailer but why can't they do that with Sly? they need to go back to what makes Sly Sly. The trailer for Sly4 was way better than this and it just featured Dimitri for god sake!

GameSpawn2909d ago

I would guess they went away from the Cel Shaded style to broaden the movie audience. If you think about it a Cel Shaded 3D movie would come off to the unassuming as a little kids movie, by little I mean under 6.

By using more realistic 3D animation, the movie by look and content comes off as aimed toward the teenage demographic instead of a much younger one.

Let's face it, no parent really pays attention to ratings anymore and if the movie was kept in the original style but with the more grown up content (most likely a PG-13 rating) parents of little kids would have been appalled once they got a few minutes in. With how it is now, the intended audience is more obvious.

coolbeans2909d ago

That's what annoys me as well. It's just going for such a typical design compared to the game's art style.

smashcrashbash2910d ago

I could easily get used to this animation.As long as the story is good I don't really care if the CG version of Sly is different.It's not like it is horrible or anything.

Spenok2909d ago


Different? Yes. Kind of annoying? Yes. Bad? No.

Story is what matters, and this trailer nailed the games. I am excited to say the least.

jerethdagryphon2909d ago

story is based off thevius raccoonus so hard to botch looks like its effectivly grand hunt type story

Chapter112909d ago

Another franchise tossing its voice actor to the side just for someone more famous. I'm sick of this.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32909d ago

Raccoons are totally in right now.