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TV Line Sherlock Recap: Toast With the Most

TV Line:
Giving a best-man toast at a wedding is no easy task, but it’s especially hard when you’re a misanthropic detective with an “international reputation” — and one of the happy couple’s honored guests is being targeted by a murderer.

That was exactly the dilemma faced by our titular hero in “The Sign of Three,” the mind-bending (and decidedly bittersweet) second episode of Sherlock‘s fantastic (albeit painfully fleeting) third season.

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alycakes2917d ago

This was an awesome one. I really enjoyed his speech, if you want to call it that. Sherlock tries not to care but in the end he wouldn't want anyone to get hurt at his expense...he proved that when he chose to pretend to be dead just to save the lives of the people closest to him.