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10 Best Animated Films In Recent Years

Nerdacy: For this list of animated films, we decided to take a look at only animated films released post-2008; otherwise this list would only be filled with the classics like The Lion King, Snow White, etc. It doesn’t allow room for other animated films to shine. Check out the list of best animated films from the last five years below.

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CursedHero2087d ago

Pixar? I would have gone with Flashpoint or Dark Knight Returns, they were tons better than Hood for DC. No anime? Nothing foreign?

alycakes2086d ago

Brave was great and so was Frozen. I didn't see any of the others but when I see the previews of an animated movie that looks good to me, I go see it.

coolbeans2086d ago

I haven't seen many of those non-Pixar ones (and Brave). For those that I have that are on the list: I honestly didn't think Despicable Me was that great. Surprised not to see How To Train Your Dragon on there. I thought that was more accomplished in regards to animation and storytelling.

Also surprised to see The Wind Rises missing. Haven't seen, but have heard some great things about it.

Cat2086d ago

Agree, Despicable Me was average. Brave was worse than average. How to Train Your Dragon, Ratatouille and The Incredibles need to be there.

coolbeans2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

Hmmm...I've been on the fence to seeing Brave so now I'm a tad worried. I'll probably check that one out at a later time down the road.

Edit: Those other two are great choices as well, but the rules mention films released post-2008. The n4g community can never get past its stigma of only looking at the title and then commenting when our admin does it too!

Cat2086d ago

hahahaha I totally misread it as in "the past ten yrs" when I clicked through. reading comp fail!!

Cat2086d ago

I thought Brave was super disappointing... Up was great, but way too sad for me to ever ever ever watch again.

Did the Incredibles miss out because they were 2004? That and Ratatouille are fantastic! And How to Train Your Dragon.

Ok I have to go make my own list now... ;)

FRAKISTAN2085d ago

Brave sucked, Tangles was EPIC along with wreck it Ralph, Toy Story 3 was very good, Despicable me was also very good,