A Quick Update On The Armored Batsuit


What’s good fanboy nation! Did you guys peep Marvelous Dave’s hot weekly column yesterday?

He had the following to say about the two batsuits that Ben Affleck is supposed to rock in the now delayed Batman Vs Superman.

The more interesting thing I’ve heard is that Batman will actually wear 2 batsuits in the film, but where as Grey-and-Blue has already been designed and Affleck has worn it, the second Batsuit is more armored like the one in the Dark Knight Returns and Kingdom Come comics.

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darklordzor2926d ago

Seeing an official promo image of the new suit would be pretty damn amazing in February. Would be great for the fans, and would put aside some of the speculation.

Crazay2925d ago

I agree - I just don't think it' going to happen until they've got production in full swing though.

darklordzor2925d ago

That's probably more likely. I mean, the image may already exist (based on what Kevin Smith was saying and looking at), but they may wait until they announce production begins; kind of like they did with the first Man of Steel pic.

Soldierone2925d ago

Releasing anything would be good for the fans. So far we have about as much as we've always had and there is nothing stopping WB from getting cold feet and dropping the movie.... again.

As a person that has been excited for this movie since I was a kid, I just don't trust it until I see something.... anything.

ZombieKiller2924d ago

I hope the armored suit is believable to stand up against Superman. I like the way they made it in Dark Knight Returns. I hope they explain the "how" in this movie unlike the Dark Knight Rises where they left it up to our imaginations or said screw it with the plot holes.

Show WHY he is Batman and why nobody else can replace him. Not "he did that because he is Batman"

Defectiv3_Detectiv32925d ago

If he's going to go toe to toe with Supes, something tells me they will be beefing up his suit. Where does he get those wonderful toys?