TVF Being Human Review: Spells and Consequences

It's so great to have Being Human back.

Being Human Season 4 Episode 2 was full of the things that are best about the show: unexpected revelations peppered with insanely comedic moments to keep even the most tense stories from going over the top dramatically.

Being Human knows never to take itself so seriously that it loses sight of the fact they're trying to pull off a show about two werewolves, a ghost who has been to purgatory and back more than once and might be a witch on the side, vampires and myriad other supernatural forces.

Always, the tone navigated is precisely the manner it should be for a genre piece.

That doesn't keep me from feeling the feels for the characters and occasionally wanting to reach into my TV set and knock some heads together.

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alycakes2929d ago

Glad it's back too. I love this show.