CGMagazine Reviews: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

It’s probably best to start out this review with a confession: I’ve never been particularly fond of the Tom Clancy blockbusters surrounding Jack Ryan. Don’t get me wrong, The Hunt For Red October is a perfectly acceptable thriller and the Harrison Ford flicks certainly have their moments, but in the end, there’s never been anything that intriguing about the character that’s made me desperate for more Jack Ryan adventures once one of the character’s films concluded. He’s not a super-slick fantasy spy like James Bond or a conflicted mystery spy like Jason Bourne or even an affable void of personality like Ethan Hunt. He’s just a rah-rah Americana boy scout without even the special powers or built in iconography of Captain America or Superman. However, Ryan is a character who makes money, and so it was inevitable that the franchise wouldn’t end with a crappy Ben Affleck movie (just like Batman in a few years’ time).

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