Batman Vs. Superman Delayed Because Of Justice League; Updates On Momoa, Holloway & Luthor


Yesterday saw the news announced regarding the new release date for Batman Vs. Superman with May 6, 2016.

I contacted my trusted source at Warner Bros. for some information.

If you recall, the source first provided Cosmic Book News the information that Batman Vs. Superman will feature the Justice League back in mid-December, which was recently confirmed by Latino Review. It is the same source that provided us with the Bryan Cranston casting and Cranston's subsequent change of mind.

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Anthotis1950d ago

"Every casting decision is considered major as the person chosen will be that character for multiple movies/appearances."

It can't be that important, if they're willing to settle for Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot.

-Foxtrot1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

True, they didn't pick them for there acting ability, they picked them for more sales

Ben Affleck - Argo/Oscar

Gal Gadot - Eye Candy

I could go on...

cell9891949d ago

there's definitely better eye candy than Gal Gadot

-Foxtrot1949d ago

Yeah but she's cheap eye candy, especially with the amount of stars and money going into this

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1949d ago

Actually WB has wanted Affleck for Bats for a very long time. Look it up. Oh and eye candy??? Really? Gal??? Boy you really do hate this movie don't you Foxtrot? You & Anthotis can't help but flood it's comment sections with negativity on a daily basis. I anxiously await to see how you rip on Joaquin Phoenix.

Kingdom Come1949d ago

Ben Affleck is a tremendous actor...

Kurylo3d1949d ago

and gigli was a terrible film.

-Foxtrot1949d ago

In some films

He's a good actor...tremendous? Lets not push it

If he was that good he would of been able to save Daredevil

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1949d ago


Do you honestly believe Daniel Day Lewis could've saved that movie if he was in Affleck's position?

Deadpoolio1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

@Kurylo3d Alright then lets use your logic with crap Bale since moronically you still feel the need to bring up Gigli.....

The Dark Knight Rises was terrible
Terminator Salvation was a terrible film
American Psycho is pretty terrible now hasn't aged well....
Newsies was a terrible film....

SOOOOOOO by your logic Bale should have never been Batman, which I guess is true since he was a terrible Batman...And yet all you have is gigli from forever ago, oh wait let me guess you'll just claim Daredevil which wasn't terrible becasue of Affleck or Jersey girl which wasn't terrible and Kevin Smith made for his dad more than one else....Maybe you could try and throw out Reindeer games from the 90s which again wasn't terrible because of Affleck

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 1949d ago
Deadpoolio1949d ago

Um Affleck could be a better Batman than Bale, who was a terrible borderline god awful Batman....That suit and Cancer voice make Adam West more appealing as Batman at his current age than terrible Bale Batman

doomtrain1949d ago

an actors performance largely depends on the director and the editing

actors do what they are told to do by the '' director ''

given a better director and better editing , Daredevil could have been awesome , affleck included .

Minute Man 7211949d ago

Just no, it's the actors' job to make the character believable. Affleck is a good actor but CBMs just aren't his thing

uncharted561949d ago

And u say that based of the one movie he did in which shall I remind u that he did a good job but if the director butchered the movie himself then how is that Affleck's fault.

Plagasx1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I'm really worried for the DC movie franchise..It seems they just are trying to force Justice League to play catch up with Marvel....