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Mark Ruffalo Would Like to See an Eco Hulk Movie


Mark Ruffalo has revealed that he'd like to see a Hulk solo movie with an environmental slant.

During a talk at the Sundance Film Festival, the star talked openly about his movie debuting at the festival - Infinitely Polar Bear - before going on to tackle the topics of fracking, sustainability, practical and cost-effective environmental change and then finally a brief aside over a solo Hulk movie.

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ajax172674d ago

Really?? Just stfu, Mark.

Epicent3r12492673d ago

And to think that I just now decided to ignore anything Mark does. Why do actors/actresses feel their opinion is anymore valid than the next??

Excalibur2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

It would give a whole new meaning to "Going Green".

I think the Hulk movies have a rough enough time of it than adding garbage content to it.

Crazay2673d ago

No question. Shoehorning some form of eco message into something like the Incredible Hulk would be suicide - The fans would see right through the BS and call them on it.

AnEwGuY2673d ago

Especially since Ruffalo announced his intentions up front. (つ﹏╰)

Defectiv3_Detectiv32673d ago

I think if they keep it from being too preachy it could be brilliant. It adds another layer to the stakes. For a character who is basically a demigod he can go toe to toe with almost any threat the Earth faces, but can he save us from ourselves?

Kurylo3d2672d ago

yea but u can do that same save us from ourselves story with guns and nukes.. For a character with super human strength and violent murdering rage and insanity... don't exactly think he should be made to give a crap about air pollution or the ozone layer... just saying.

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