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Horror Films Inspired From Real Life Events

Best Horror Movies says "Every movie in one way or the other comes from a real life story. If not completely, then at least, its inception was born out of a real life incident. But what about horror films? It’s not about the ‘scary’ factor in these movies. It’s to experience the same thrill and anxiety that the real people went through when they faced these situations. That’s what makes these movies the real horror ones."

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Best-Horror-Movies2513d ago

Never knew Nightmare on Elm Street was based on a real life event.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32513d ago

I know right? A movie about a guy who haunts people's dreams and kills them in their sleep?

dennett3162512d ago

And the idea of Freddy came about due to a time when Craven looked out his window one night and saw an old scary looking guy in the street. That man saw him, and stared at him until Craven got creeped out and looked away. He then looked back out to check he was gone, and the guy was still standing there, staring up at his window.
There's a documentary on the Elm Street movies called Never Sleep Again, every fan of the films should check it out, it has loads of great background stories like that.

alycakes2513d ago

I have those dream with in dream type dreams and you want to wake up but can't because you're just stuck where you are.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2512d ago

Where you can't move & it feels like you can barely breath? I've had those :/ 3 times in fact! Flippin scary! It's called a "false awakening" or "sleep paralysis".

alycakes2511d ago

Yes, those, I've had those since I was a kid. They are very scary. The first time I saw Inception I was freaked out because I could relate so much to what they were saying.