TVF Person of Interest Review: Up in the Air

Reese may have been done with the Machine, but it certainly wasn’t done with him.

After a solemn goodbye from the suited hero in Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 12, I figured the show would push Shaw further towards the forefront of the team to work with Finch. Maybe Reese would come back later on in the season when some major event took place or after some soul searching that extended a few episodes.

As much as I’ve enjoyed Person of Interest Season 3 taking time to explore Shaw as a new asset, as well as Root’s freaky relationship to the Machine and impact on the team, I’ve been missing Reese as the focus.

Sure, it’s fun to watch the Justice League all take their parts, but sometimes you just want to see Batman take the lead on his own.

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alycakes2935d ago

I still have to watch this today. I'm loyal but Justified comes first.